In February, I hosted my first-ever Meaningful Moments Writing Contest for my email subscribers. Two winners were selected, with the grand prize being their stories featured here on the Ink & Impact blog.

It is with pleasure that I share the second winning entry, a humorous short story by Charlotte Hackman.

Charlotte started the Landfall Writers Group in 2015 and has collaborated on two books published by that group. She is also the author of a nonfiction book, The Strength to Let Go published under the pen name, Jo Henry. She is currently working on a mystery thriller.

Happy reading!

Dalene Bickel


I Should’a Been a Boy Scout

by Charlotte Hackman

My husband, Ed, got a temporary job assignment in Montreal, Canada in the winter of 1976. We arrived on New Year’s Eve and moved into our downtown high-rise apartment and celebrated with a six pack of Molson Beer and Guy Lombardo on TV.

We had taken a few ski vacations and decided our stay in Canada would be the opportunity to get serious about the sport. On the weekends we took day trips to the surrounding ski areas where we were honing our skills on the icy slopes.

In early March, we decided to take a “big” weekend trip to Mont Tremblant and spend two nights there. The forecast was for several inches of snow and we had never skied on powder, the term used for inches of new snow.

It was here, early in our skiing days, we encountered Read More