Living Wisely: Recollections and Ruminations of Russ Lucy Wisely

Living Wisely was my first biography project. The adult children of a couple commissioned the biography of their parents in honor of their anniversary, but the parents would only agree to the project if their children were also interviewed and incorporated into the book. Thus, the project quickly morphed into an extensive family biography that required travel to another state, excellent organizational skills, attention to detail and the ability to condense mountains of information into a cohesive and interesting story. This book was also unique in that the family opted to have their limited-quantity books hand-sewn with a linen cover and gold-embossed lettering.

Living Wisely Recollections and Ruminations of Russ Lucy Wisely

About Dalene

Dalene Bickel is a personal biographer, book coach and speaker who helps individuals successfully write and self-publish their life stories.