Amplify Your Message, Build Your Brand, and Scale Your Mission
with a Faith-Driven Business Book

Discover how Lasting Legacies Publishing can help you transform your signature message into a book of significance.


You’re a
faith-driven thought leader, entrepreneur, or expert
who wants to write a book, BUT … 

👉 Your schedule is full. Between work demands, travel, and family responsibilities, you don’t have time to write an entire manuscript AND learn how to self-publish it.
👉 Writing isn’t your favorite activity. You’re a good communicator, but you don’t desire to write a complete manuscript.
👉 You don’t want to waste time and money through trial and error.
The challenges are real, but they don’t have to be the end of your story!

Meet your ghostwriter and book coach

I’m Dalene Bickel, founder of Lasting Legacies Publishing. As a Christian ghostwriter and book coach with more than 25 years of experience, I help English-speaking clients from around the world create books that boost their business and preserve their legacies..
Whether you write the manuscript yourself or hire me to do it on your behalf,  I’ll guide you through the entire self-publishing process, from editing and design to printing and publication. 
If you’re willing to invest in your story and ready to take action, let’s chat.

Select Your Bookworthy Solution:

Regardless of how hands-on or hands-off you are in the process, I’ll help you write a book that makes an impact and guide you through the entire self-publishing process.

Ghostwriter or Co-Author

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Outsource the entire writing process to me or co-author the book with me.

Book Coach

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Write it yourself with guided assistance and accountability from me.

Prepare to make an impact.

With your book, you can:

  • Inspire and motivate your readers by offering practical strategies and new ways of thinking  to help them improve key areas of their lives.
  • Build credibility and open doors to speaking engagements and other opportunities to advance your God-given message. 
  • Bridge the gap between faith and business by seamlessly integrating how God has worked in your life (and/or biblically based principles) into your message.
  • Leave a lasting legacy by documenting your wisdom, experience, and effective strategies for future generations. 
  • Fund a mission by donating a portion of your book’s proceeds to your favorite charity or non-profit organization. 

What You Can Expect When You Work with Lasting Legacies …

👉 Faith and values alignment so you can be encouraged in your Christian walk and receive the level of professional service you expect throughout every stage of your author journey.
👉 Meaningful interviews and/or in-depth coaching so that your voice, message, and brand are reflected in the text.
👉 Manuscript audits so that your signature message is clear, compelling, and on point.
👉 A custom publishing and marketing plan so that you meet your unique publishing goals.
👉 Prompt, clear, and effective communication so that misunderstandings and delays are minimized and a good rapport is established.

What Clients Are Saying ...

The Time to Act Is NOW!

The business world is in desperate need of more faith-based leaders.
Make your mark. Don’t let your insights and inspired message go untold.

To recap, when you work with Lasting Legacies, you’ll get …

👉 the level of writing assistance you need
👉 a tailored self-publishing plan
👉 a top-quality printed book
👉 rapid responses to your questions
👉 peace of mind that you’re working with someone who shares your work ethic and Christian belief system

Why wait any longer?

Follow these 2 simple steps:

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