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My personal biography services are customized for each individual. Just as no two people are the same, no two stories are alike. I take the time to get to know you and discover what you desire in your finished, heirloom-quality book.

Your personal experiences, wisdom and beliefs are valuable treasures that deserve to be preserved and shared with family and friends for generations to come. They also deserve to be told in a compelling and visually stunning manner. You can be assured that my attention to detail, quality writing and collaboration with professional designers and printers will provide you with a distinctive and elegant personal biography.

Review the information below and when you’re ready, contact me to schedule a complimentary consultation and receive a custom project estimate.


Personal biographies are no longer reserved for actors, athletes and politicians. Individuals such as yourself also have important stories and information worth sharing in book form…and just like celebrities, you don’t necessarily have the time or desire to actually write it yourself.

Instead, you value the luxury of hiring someone to write it on your behalf. That’s where I come in as a personal biographer.

My experience working as an editor in the publishing industry for more than twenty years and having successfully written half-a-dozen personal biographies ensures that you will receive the highest-quality service throughout the project, resulting in a distinctive book you’ll be proud to distribute to family and friends.

After all, you’re not just writing a book. You’re preserving your legacy.

 Why struggle to write your book yourself?

Let me write it for you.


  • A series of 6-12 recorded interviews These friendly and relaxed interviews last approximately 2 hours each and can be done via your preference of telephone, video messaging or in person (travel expenses are an additional fee). The interviews are then transcribed and serve as the framework of your manuscript.
  • Supplemental research To ensure accuracy, I conduct fact-checking research and when applicable, I incorporate relevant social or corporate history into the manuscript.
  • A narrative manuscript that retains your voice and style. Each book that I write is different and customized to the client; I don’t use a cookie-cutter approach. I pull all of the transcripts and research together and write your unique story. You are then given ample opportunity to review, correct and approve the text before moving on to the editing stage.
  • Photo/image selection and placement Photos and images are important components of your book. I help you select and place photos that enhance your story and graphics that explain your concepts.
  • Professional editing I follow the same protocol that traditional publishing houses employ, which is utilizing multiple editors to ensure a polished and error-free book. I serve as the developmental editor, drawing from my twenty years of professional manuscript editing experience. In addition, I outsource the final proofreading to another qualified editor before your book goes to press.
  • Professional cover design and interior layout Regardless of whether or not you plan to sell your book, you want to be proud of its appearance and eager to show it to your target audience. After all, why invest so significantly in this project, only to have the resulting book look and feel like a shoddy afterthought? No, you deserve a professional-grade interior layout and cover design. I work with several highly skilled freelance graphic artists who create amazing designs and accept special artwork requests.
  • Recommendations for quality printing companies Whether you want custom features (such as a hand-sewn book,  a linen or genuine leather cover, or specific paper stock) or regular self-publishing options, I can help you find the right printer or custom bindery. Note that the costs of printing and shipping books are not included in the ghostwriting package, nor is order fulfillment. These are billed directly from the selected service provider.




Considering the personal nature of a biography, trust is a critical factor when determining who to hire. You need someone with whom you feel comfortable talking, who knows how to listen, and who is responsive to your input, questions and concerns. In addition, you need someone who will respect your privacy. Interviews should remain confidential in nature. Respecting your privacy and attaining your trust are very important to me. I understand that they aren’t given freely; they need to be earned. I welcome the opportunity to get acquainted with you and determine if working together is a mutual fit. Schedule a complimentary 15-minute ghostwriting consultation.


Enlisting my services as a personal biographer is undeniably a significant financial investment. In order to provide you with an accurate estimate, I will first need to learn the specifics of your project. Please contact me for a complimentary project call.


On average, a personal biography takes 8-16 months from start to finish. It’s not a weekend project, but the finished book is worth the financial and time investments. If you value exceptional products and appreciate tailored, done-for-you services, then this service is for you. Get started today by contacting me for a complimentary consultation.

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