Whether you’re a writer updating your work space, looking for a creative boost or searching for gifts for fellow writers, this list has you covered. Each of the products below is noteworthy, distinctive and best of all, made in America.

It’s important to note that the links below are not affiliate links; I’m not being compensated in any way for mentioning these companies or their products.

Without further ado, here are my top discoveries, in no particular order:

#1 Journal/Notebook

Writers have story ideas running through their minds at all times and frequently rely on journals to capture their ideas before they disappear. Penny for Your Thoughts and Wood Journals are as beautiful and distinctive as the words they’ll contain.

#2 Pen

Although it’s true that the majority of today’s writers type at the keyboard, they still need a pen to create handwritten journal entries and more importantly, to sign the contract for their next publishing deal. In addition, these hand-carved pens by D&J Wood Designs can serve as desktop artwork and, in a moment of distraction, provide a visual reminder to get back to writing.

#3 Bookmark

Writers tend to be avid readers not only for enjoyment, but to also study their craft. Thus, they need a number of bookmarks at any given time. These elegant hand-forged aluminum bookmarks by Wendell August Forge are available in a variety of designs to suit every personality.

#4 Laptop Bag

Writing is the ultimate freelance career and is completely portable. Now writers can protect their laptops as they travel on assignment or simply down the street with this stylish yet heavy-duty laptop bag by DuluthPack. Did I mention that it’s guaranteed for life?!

#5 Watch/Clock

Time isn’t always a writer’s best friend, but these gorgeous Shinola watches for men and women will certainly motivate writers to keep track of time. Looking for a mantel, desktop or wall clock instead? A distinctive timepiece from Chelsea Clock will help writers meet their deadlines in style.

#6 Lamp

Ambiance is an added benefit, but good lighting is imperative to avoid eye strain and prevent headaches in writers who are night-owls or early risers. American Lighting Brands has a floor or table lamp to suit every style and desired level of luminescence.

#7 Bookcase

Writers collect a wide variety of books and frequently run out of places to store them. Therefore, adequate amounts of bookcases are critical to the organizational efforts of every writer. Check out these gorgeous and functional pieces by Gat Creek or create a custom bookcase through Stuart David Home Furnishings.

#8 Coffee & Mug

Granted, some writers prefer tea over coffee, but most consume large amounts of java on a daily basis to ensure productivity. Replace bitter brew in a boring mug with delicious and aromatic coffee grown and produced by Hawaii Coffee Company, served in a beautiful handmade (as well as toxin-free) mug by Mug Revolution.

#9 Headphones

Writers don’t always have the luxury of writing in a quiet location, and often prefer to listen to music that brings on the muse. Achieve ultimate productivity with a pair of in-ear or traditional headphones from Grado Labs or Westone.

#10 Room Scents

A writer’s creativity is often enhanced by the olfactory delights of soy candles, diffuser oils or room sprays. Discover some scents not likely to be found anywhere else at Demeter Fragrance Library. Personally, I can’t wait to try “Paperback” (I love the smell of old books!), “Salt Air” and “Pistachio Ice Cream.”

BONUS mention

The whimsical and colorful balls of clay by Seeds of Happiness offer perpetual smiles to uplift and encourage writers during their inevitable moments of frustration.

So there you have it: 10 Unique American-Made Products for Writers (and a bonus mention). What other American-made products for writers would you add to this list? Share them in the comments!

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