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Whether you’re a veteran author or a first-time writer, I offer the services you need to write and privately publish your life story or memoir.

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Book Coaching

Editing & Self-Publishing

Personal Biography


Book Coaching

Biography - Life Story

1-on-1 Customized Writing Assistance

You know you want to write your life story. You’ve probably even started the writing process. But something is preventing you from finishing it.

Maybe a major life change placed your writing on the back burner. Or you’ve begun to doubt your ability to write your story. Or the writing process has become overwhelming.

If this describes you, know that book coaching is a non-threatening, supportive and invaluable solution to help you overcome your writing challenges and successfully complete your book. As your coach, I’ll follow-up with you on a consistent basis and provide constructive feedback in a friendly, encouraging manner.

Unlike group courses, individual book coaching provides you with the customized information you need, when you need it. Everyone writes at different paces, in different styles and with different goals. If you need to spend multiple coaching sessions on the same issue, we’ll do it. Whatever it is that you’re struggling with, we’ll address it in order to get you focused and productive.

My coaching is designed to meet your needs and achieve your end goals.

I had written a linear outline of my life experiences, which had taken me about ten years to document. It was accurate and detailed, but had no form, told no story in a readable fashion that would spark a reader's interest. Fortunately, I found Lasting Legacies and Dalene Bickel. Working with her has been a pleasant experience and has made the difference in bringing forward my voice and the enhancement of my life experiences. I recommend Dalene to anyone who wants detailed and professional help with writing and publishing their story.

Charles E. Johnston

Editing & Self-Publishing

General Nonfiction
Edit Your Story and Print a Beautiful Book

Congratulations! You’ve written your complete manuscript!

But you’re not done yet. Before you upload the file to be printed or compiled into an e-book, you need to make sure that your manuscript is error free and attractively designed. You also need to know which printer will best meet your unique publishing needs, whether you want to print as few as one copy or as many as 3,000.

Sound overwhelming? It doesn’t have to be!

Dalene was a pleasure to work with. Her talent at shaping my words and chapters into a finished product (book) was done with professionalism and ease. She really knows how to structure “happenings” for better flow and makes excellent suggestions. Communication was always top priority and I always felt Dalene kept the project and me on task for deadlines.

Connie Hill

Personal Biography

General Nonfiction

The Ultimate Done-for-You Book Package

Lasting Legacies was founded in 2006 to meet the growing need of individuals who sought personal biographers to write and privately publish their memoirs and life stories.

For more than a decade, Dalene Bickel has been crafting compelling narratives and producing distinctive, heirloom-quality legacy books.

A Personal Biography Is for You If…

  • You understand the importance of preserving your beliefs, experiences and wisdom.
  • You want to leave a meaningful written legacy for your children and future generations.
  • You place more value on the quality, expediency and simplicity of hiring an experienced personal biographer than trying to figure out how to write it on your own.
  • You’re ready to take action now.

If the above points describe you, then click the button below!

The JDRF commemorative book, Hands of Time, designed and executed by Dalene Bickel is a treasure beyond compare.  Not only was the creation of the book handled in a professional and timely manner, the final product will always be a valued keepsake.  The book, masterfully edited, through pictures and words, captured the essence of the members of our JDRF family and their families' journey living with Type 1 diabetes.

Anna Maynard


BIO Panel

Need a Speaker?

I’m passionate about motivating audiences to understand the importance of writing their life stories. In addition, I offer practical advice on how audiences of all ages and writing levels can begin to write their memoirs.

I welcome the opportunity to share my signature legacy presentation at your next event!

My organization sponsored a presentation by Dalene Bickel and we were pleased to find that she delivers valuable content in a professional yet personable manner. Her legacy presentations are engaging, interactive and informative – she inspires and equips her audience to take immediate action. The feedback from our members was overwhelmingly positive.

Susan Silver, Aging in Place Downtown Wilmington