Although I specialize in biographies and life stories, I also love to help individuals write and edit other forms of nonfiction and historical fiction. This is evidenced by my portfolio below, which showcases books in a variety of subcategories that I’ve either ghostwritten, co-authored, contributed to or edited.

If you like what you see and are motivated to take serious action to write and publish your own nonfiction book, I’d love to speak with you!

What My Clients Say

The JDRF commemorative book, "Hands of Time," designed and executed by Dalene Bickel is a treasure beyond compare. Not only was the creation of the book handled in a professional and timely manner, the final product will always be a valued keepsake.  The book, masterfully edited, through pictures and words, captured the essence of the members of our JDRF family and their families' journey living with Type I diabetes.

Anna Maynard

I had written a linear outline of my life experiences, which had taken me about ten years to document. It was accurate and detailed, but had no form, told no story in a readable fashion that would spark a reader's interest. Fortunately, I found Lasting Legacies and Dalene Bickel. Dalene read my manuscript, put together a proposal and worked with me over a period of one year to write my autobiography Driving Force. Working with her has been a pleasant experience and has made the difference in bringing forward my voice and the enhancement of my life experiences. I recommend Dalene to anyone who wants detailed and professional help with writing and publishing their story.

Charles Johnston