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Welcome to Lasting Legacies!

Dalene Bickel, Personal Historian and Founder of Lasting Legacies

Dalene Bickel, Founder of Lasting Legacies

Leg∙a∙cy  noun   \le-gə-sē\  : 2 something transmitted by or received from an ancestor or predecessor or from the past. Source: Merriam-Webster Dictionary 

Hi there! I’m Dalene Bickel, a personal historian, freelance writer and editor. I believe that your life story is unique, important, and deserves to be told.

My mission is to help you transform your personal history into a skillfully written, beautifully bound book that not only showcases your experiences, but also reflects your personality and style.

Whether you’re just getting started or nearing completion, I welcome the opportunity to help you celebrate your life and create a lasting legacy.

Toward that effort, I’ve put together several valuable resources for you – at absolutely no charge.

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