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Dalene Bickel - Lasting Legacies - AuthorYou’re here because you want to write your life story or another type of nonfiction story. Undoubtedly, you have questions – and you might be slightly overwhelmed at the thought of writing an entire book. Where should you start? And how will you find the time to complete such a project? After all, you might be retired but you’re still enjoying an active lifestyle – whether it’s mentoring, volunteering, learning new skills or traveling, you’re staying busy. In addition, becoming (or remaining) physically fit is probably important to you, as well as spending time with family and friends.

I get it. I’m Dalene Bickel and not only am I the founder of Lasting Legacies, I’m also a wife and mother. Married for twenty years and proud mom to two great boys, I value the importance of family. I also value my Christian faith, serving regularly at my church and growing in God’s Word.

Volunteering is also important to me, particularly with the international non-profit organization, JDRF. My oldest son was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) at the age of five and I have been actively serving on the local chapter’s board of directors and/or outreach committee ever since.

A former high school and college volleyball player, I also strive to stay physically fit. A couple of years ago I decided to run my first-ever half marathon. I went from couch potato to running 13.1 miles in seven months on a training schedule that I wouldn’t recommend to anyone! The verdict is out if I’ll ever run another half, but I do enjoy regular runs that get me outside and moving.

Most important to you, however, is that I’m passionate about my work. I encourage you to get to know more about me and all that I have to offer by reading through my blog and my Services page. Remember, you don’t have to go it alone. Whether you want to write your story yourself or hire me to ghostwrite or coauthor it with you, I’m here to help you avoid overwhelm, stay motivated and get your story written!

How I Got Started

I’ve always had my nose in a book, primarily nonfiction and historical fiction. As a child I must have read the Little House on the Prairie series a dozen times or more! In high school, I was one of the few students who enjoyed the research phase of history reports and loved all of my English classes. By the time I reached college, I knew that I was going to do something with writing and books, but I wasn’t sure what.

As I earned a dual degree in English and History from Chatham University in Pittsburgh, PA, everyone told me I was crazy to obtain a liberal arts degree, but I had faith that something good would come of it. Then, during my junior year of college, I completed an accelerated internship with the University of Pittsburgh Press. Immediately, I fell in love with the publishing world and knew that editing and book publishing was going to be my career.

Since that time, I’ve gained extensive knowledge of the publishing industry, working most of my career as an editor for both small publishers and large university presses. My personal writing has appeared in local and national publications, including the Chicken Soup for the Soul book series, and I have served as a freelance copywriter for various companies.

But it’s my business, Lasting Legacies, that brings me the most joy and satisfaction. It combines not only my love for writing and history, but also my passion for helping people preserve their legacies and positively impact others.

Dalene Bickel - Lasting Legacies

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What My Clients Say

Dalene is very admirable, witty and a great historian. She makes you feel at ease as you tell about the story…and gives you all the right answers to help you meet your dream.

Herbert J. Pittman

It truly was a delight working with Dalene. She went above and beyond when it came to the design, creation and editing of the 2011 JDRF Hope Gala commemorative book. We were on a short deadline for this project, and Dalene was able to meet all our deadlines in order to receive the finished product 2 weeks before our event. Thank you Dalene!

Erin Mabry, Branch Manager, JDRF Coastal Carolina Branch

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Why I Do What I Do

I founded Lasting Legacies in 2006 because I recognized that many people wanted to document their life stories even though they didn’t necessarily have the desire or the time to write it themselves. In fact, many people wanted a done-for-you service and that’s what I delivered: commissioned biographies, also known as personal histories.

This remains true today and I continue to specialize in ghostwritten biography services. However, these services come at a premium price due to the extensive time and expertise it requires to write and publish a book on someone’s behalf. Thus, there are many people who are willing to write their own life stories if they can only discover step-by-step resources to walk them through the process. To help them in this effort, I began my blog, created the free Weekly Writing Prompt, and am currently developing a new online course (sign up below if you’d like to receive more information about it).

The ability to help people create distinctive, purpose-driven legacies is such an honor. I look forward to helping you with yours!

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My Pledge to You

I realize that you have many options when it comes to writing and publishing your life story, which is why I commit to providing you with the attention to detail and exceptional service that you expect and deserve. Your satisfaction with both the process and the finished product is my top priority.

Get Started Today!

Beginning your life story can be as simple as writing about one topic per week through my free Weekly Writing Prompt or as significant as commissioning your biography.

I look forward to helping you preserve your life story!

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Dalene Bickel is an author, book coach and speaker who helps nonfiction authors successfully write, develop and self-publish their books.