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I founded Lasting Legacies in 2006 and have been helping individuals and families preserve their life stories ever since (view my Portfolio). Before that, I worked as the senior editor and publications director at the indie publishing company, BR Anchor Publishing. It was in the early days of self-publishing, and I learned a great deal that I was able to transfer over into my own company.

I also have experience in the academic world, having worked several years as a freelance copy editor for a third-party publishing company charged with editing books for Cambridge University Press, and I completed an internship at the University of Pittsburgh Press.

You can be confident that I have the experience and knowledge you need to craft a well-written, purpose-driven legacy that will benefit future generations.

Life Story/Biography

General Nonfiction

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Life Story / Biography

Biography - Life Story

Writing your life story isn’t about
stroking your ego or being vain

  • It’s about promoting intergenerational conversations and understanding.
  • It’s about educating, encouraging and empowering others. Even beyond your family, readers for generations to come will benefit from your first-person account of life as you’ve experienced it.
  • It’s about sharing what’s most important to you with your loved ones in an uninterrupted, comfortable manner rather than an untimely and awkward conversation or worse yet, never sharing your wisdom and values at all.

Commissioned Biography

This complete book package is for individuals who prefer to hire someone to write their life story on their behalf. They value the experience and skills of a professional ghostwriter/coauthor and are motivated to create a legacy of distinction.

Voice Your Story

This package is ideal for individuals who want to document a portion of their life experiences quickly and who prefer to speak their stories rather than write them. It’s also a wonderful gift to provide to family members who might not otherwise take the time to document their life experiences and family history.

What’s Included:

  • One 20-minute introductory phone call to become familiar with each other and review the interview process.
  • One 2-hour recorded telephone interview, conducted in a relaxed, friendly and encouraging manner.
  • Select from prepared questions that I provide in advance or up to 8 of your own unique topics.
  • Interviews will be transcribed and edited for basic grammar and to remove any duplicate verbiage or unnecessary fillers such as “um” and “well.”
  • You will receive one unedited mp3 digital recording of the interview, a PDF version of the edited interview, and two printed copies of the edited interview (additional copies can be requested for the cost of printing).

The Benefits

You can absolutely record yourself on your own, but there are benefits to hiring a professional to guide you or a loved one through the process.

For starters, you gain an accountability partner. You know that I am going to call you at our scheduled time and that I’m going to ask you about particular topics. This makes you prepare for the session and prevents you from relegating the project to the back burner.

You are also able to take advantage of my professional experience. After many years of interviewing and capturing clients’ stories, I’ve learned a lot about reflective listening, when to prompt for more information, what topics should be explored further and how to tie it all together.

Another huge benefit is that you don’t have to purchase or learn any new software or technology. All you have to do is dial a phone number and talk with me; I take it from there.

Finally, you gain access to my time. If you have a question before our scheduled interview, you can send me an email or call me on my personal phone number and get a rapid response.

*Important! Before purchasing this package as a gift for a friend or relative, please be certain that they have the mental acuity to accurately discuss the past and that they do not have significant hearing loss.

Once you make your purchase, you will receive an email from me with a link to schedule our introductory phone call and resources to help you prepare for the actual interview.

Introductory Cost: $299

This is a new service package for me and I can pretty much guarantee that it won’t stay this price forever. I encourage you to take advantage of this special offer while it’s available – you might even consider buying one for yourself AND one for a family member!

Still have questions? Please contact me.

General Nonfiction

General Nonfiction
Whether you’re wanting to write a book about best business leadership practices, the Civil War, fitness or any other nonfiction topic, I welcome the opportunity to work with you.

Ghostwriting/Coauthoring Services

You know your subject matter inside and out. You’ve done the necessary research. You’re ready to write your book. But maybe your schedule simply won’t allow for you to write it yourself or perhaps you don’t feel confident enough in your writing skills. Whatever the reason, you need someone to come alongside you and help you write the book.

Learn how I can help you by scheduling a free 20-minute consultation.


Editorial Services

Congratulations! You’ve written your complete manuscript! But you’re not done yet. Before you submit it to a literary agent for traditional publishing or upload the file to a print-on-demand (POD) company for self-publishing, you need to make sure that your manuscript is error free and you need to be aware of the pros and cons of both traditional publishing and self-publishing. Sound overwhelming? It doesn’t have to be!

Download my Editorial Services PDF to learn how I can help you.

Business Services

Business WritingWhen solopreneurs and entrepreneurs begin to experience growth, the need for more content and someone to write it – or edit it – becomes a necessity. Traditional companies of all sizes also need regular content and occasionally their go-to freelancer is unavailable or they take on a project that requires additional writers and editors. I’m here to help you out.


If your magazine, blog or company is in need of an article, post, essay, white paper or company history, I welcome the opportunity to write for you! My work has been featured in publications such as Cape Fear Relocation Guide, blogs such Growing Bolder and in books such as Chicken Soup for the Soul’s Multitasking Mom’s Survival Guide. View my blog to get a feel for my writing style and check out my credentials.

Contact me to let me know your needs.



You’ve spent the time and effort to craft compelling copy, now make sure that it’s error free. If you don’t already have a copyeditor on staff, or are looking to outsource your editing needs, check out my credentials and contact me to learn how I can help you.


BIO Panel

I’m passionate about sharing the importance of preserving legacy through life story with audiences of all sizes. I also welcome the opportunity to share writing, editing and publishing tips to both beginning and experienced writers.

My organization sponsored a presentation by Dalene Bickel and we were pleased to find that she delivers valuable content in a professional yet personable manner. Her legacy presentations are engaging, interactive and informative – she inspires and equips her audience to take immediate action. The feedback from our members was overwhelmingly positive.

Susan Silver, Aging in Place Downtown Wilmington


Are you:

  • An event planner for an upcoming conference about legacy planning, retirement or active seniors/baby boomers?
  • An event planner for a writing association conference?
  • A business or organization searching for a unique yet universal topic at your next district or regional meeting?
  • An independent living event coordinator searching for something new to offer your residents?

Contact me to discuss rates and availability.



Dalene was a pleasure to work with. Her talent at shaping my words and chapters into a finished product (book) was done with professionalism and ease. She really knows how to structure “happenings” for better flow and makes excellent suggestions. Communication was always top priority and I always felt Dalene kept the project and me on task for deadlines.

Connie Hill

Our family history consisted of a few books written by my wife’s mother (she is now 92). One of these books was only available on tape – we were able to retrieve the original from the Library of Congress. The tapes were old cassettes that had many problems with the clarity. Parts of the book were only in Italian. Dalene was able to accurately transcribe the 5 tapes and provide enough information of the damaged parts of the tape to allow us to complete the manuscript. I would highly recommend her for any project that involves transcripts of oral history.

Larry Kelly
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Dalene Bickel is an author, book coach and speaker who helps nonfiction authors successfully write, develop and self-publish their books.