Physical activity, discovering history, and trying new things are important to me. Yet until recently, they often conflicted with my writing schedule; time away from my desk meant that I wasn’t always meeting writing goals.

Then a friend told me about how much she is enjoying her plein air art classes. It reminded me of my college interim abroad trip to Italy, where I attempted to sketch architecture and famous statues in centuries-old plazas and courtyards (that’s another story for another day!).

Which got me to thinking. Why not write outside like so many artists do? And instead of separately compartmentalizing my activities and my writing, why not incorporate them INTO my writing?

So, I decided to give it a try. Recently I posted about how I discovered that I’m more productive when I’m writing outside (check out my blog post here). In addition, I’ve found that after I’m physically active, my writing is much more creative. And when I have an opportunity to try or learn something new, I appreciate the opportunity to write about my discoveries immediately.

After reviewing my findings, I wondered if others might find such activities beneficial as well. Hence, the Writers’ Adventure Series was born.

Since I thoroughly enjoy getting to know other writers and I believe it’s important to learn from and support other writers, I’ve create a closed Facebook group so that participants across the country or around the world can share their writing and build an encouraging network of fellow writers.

What about you? Are you…

  • Tired of writing alone?
  • Bored with your writing surroundings?
  • Want a boost of energy to free your creative juices?
  • Simply want to try something new?

If any (or all) of the above describes you, then join me in the Writers’ Adventure Series! The first of three week-long challenges kicks off on Monday, June 18th.

Because summer is a busy time, the challenges will be spaced apart with one per month. Feel free to join in at any time – there’s no deadline, time requirements, fees, or word counts. Pick and choose which challenges you want to complete – one or all of them. The Writers’ Adventure Series is here for motivation and to make writing fun again!

Click here to sign up now!